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Most common methods for designing websites that work well on desktop is responsive and adaptive design.

High Quality

The website will be properly search engine optimized so that users can find it easily.

Speed Optimization

The website should load quickly so that users can get information without waiting.

Years of Success
Total projects

I am a Web developer & designer

I can develop your website if you want

 Hello there! I’m a web designer, and I’m very passionate and dedicated to my work. With 5 years of experience as a professional web developer, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success. I enjoy every step of the design process, from discussion and collaboration.


My Amazing Works

Some special changes will be made to the portfolio later on

Design is Life

I Develop Skills Regularly to Keep Me Updated

If you want to make your website in tune with the current modern trends then you have come to the right place.


What I Do for Clients

 Most common methods for designing websites that work well on desktop is responsive and adaptive design

Creative Design

Starts from $80

Your website will use a modern look and feel combined with innovative designs.

Graphic Design

Starts from $120

While creating the design, your website will be designed by a specially experienced developer so that the website visitors can use it easily.

UI/UX Design

Starts from $160

Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development


Starts from $250

WordPress support community is very large and active, they are always ready to help you with any problem. If you want, I can create a website specifically for you through WordPress and get lifetime support.

What might happen within the next 60 days

if you launch your website today!

According to various recent studies, surprisingly 67% – 73% businesses/entrepreneurs don’t have their websites! It’s ridiculous! Luckily, that’s the biggest catch! And here’s the opportunities for you:

  • ✔ You can become an author/influencer. (The Boss)
  • ✔ Growing a business with no border.
  • ✔ Start selling your own(or others) products/services/courses.
  • ✔ Generating $1k-$10k/m from a single blog website.
  • ✔ Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing… What not? Actually, Sky’s the limit!


What My Clients Say

 Most common methods for designing websites that work well on desktop is responsive and adaptive design

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"I really had a great experience with` ``Nuruzzaman Sheikh`` and his skills and cooperation. He did my website design and development work and his skills and professionalism exceeded my expectations. He worked on my projects safely and in full time. I will definitely come again. And would love to work with him again."
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"I am very happy to receive development services from Nuruzzaman Sheikh and his quality of work exceeded my expectations. He provided safe and efficient development services to my project throughout the entire period. I congratulate him for his professionalism and cooperation."
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"I used a website developer, his name is ``Nuruzzaman Sheikh'' and was very pleased to work with him. His professionalism and efficiency were very important for this project. The quality of the site design and the completion of the work exceeded my expectations." Tuc developed my business website more beautifully than I could have ever asked for.
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I took on a very challenging website development project and its success made me happy. The form in which I joined the project was threatening and required time and preparation to build. But, the recent website development by ``Nuruzzaman Sheikh'' solves this problem and I now feel confident in the success of my project." Thanks Nuruzzaman Sheikh
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Website development by "Nuruzzaman Sheikh" has been the best experience. The efficiency and thoroughness of his work is satisfactory and I am spontaneous. I am confidently anxious and convinced to work for him. It is my position to name him as the best website developer in terms of his professional community."
I rarely like to write reviews, but the NS team truly deserve a standing ovation for their customer support, customisation and most importantly, friendliness and professionalism. Many thanks once again for everything and hope that I get to deal with you again in the near future.
Willam Kerry
WP Developer

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